Learning Management

LMS Experts

TEC Services has extensive experience in selecting, setting up and deploying powerful web-based Learning Management Systems (LMSs) that deliver online training over the Internet or a corporate intranet.  We can scale an LMS to meet the needs of a small company with hundreds of users or a large enterprise with tens of thousands of users.

A Comprehensive Solution

An LMS tracks, coordinates, communicates, and reports on training activity and results, and can manage all training, education, and certification requirements for a company/organization.  Standard features enable the testing and messaging of individuals and groups, a configurable help desk, an integrated email reminder module, and administrative functions to track and manage activities and results.

Secure the Future

An LMS is the ideal solution for companies that want to offer training to their customers as a business or for companies/organizations committed to continual learning, development, and knowledge transfer for employees, customers, resellers, and/or distributors.  The more highly trained and skilled your employees, the greater the contribution they can make to your bottom line.  The more knowledgeable your resellers or customers are on your products and services, the stronger their partnership and loyalty to your business.  Enhanced employee performance and partner/customer loyalty work together to secure your company's financial future.

Information on Demand

An LMS can manage performance support, compliance requirements, and certification, to help your organization address issues such as resource utilization, corporate responsibility, accountability, and ethics.  Federal, state, and local requirements are increasing.  And customers, partners, resellers, suppliers, and users are demanding more knowledge and added value for products and services.  An LMS can organize, deliver, document, catalog, certify, and secure your online and offline training and performance support so that you can provide information and answers instantly, around the clock, on demand.