Our Services

TEC Services offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that assist enterprises with building and managing efficient IT infrastructures

The ultimate goal of partnering with a service provider is to create a more efficient way to run your organization.  TEC Services can manage your IT environment with people, methodologies, and technologies that are based on international industry best practices.  TEC Services can help you design, implement, and manage a new IT environment, or leverage an existing environment to unlock value and enhance performance.  Through partnering with TEC Services, you will be able to improve your organization's agility by reducing operating costs and improving organizational focus.

Reduce Operating Costs

TEC Services' invesment in people, methodologies, and technology is made on behalf of many customers, not just one, which significantly lowers our cost to you.  Our team of highly-trained, world-class engineers and managers grants you access to human capital that would otherwise be unattainable due to cost and utilization rates.  With proven methodologies and tools in place, service level agreements are delivered upon, improving your organization's productivity.  Once a baseline IT environment is established, the costs of regular maintenance are both driven down and become more predictable.

Improve Enterprise Focus

Whether your concern is time to market or unparalleled customer service, outsourcing all or part of your IT functions to TEC Services allows for more focus on your core competencies and strategic plans.  Once freed from areas not in your core competency, you are able to optimize your assets to improve competitive advantage.

TEC Services helps organizations of all sizes take control of their IT management costs, while providing best-in-class outsourced services for data protection and IT management.

Create a Complete Solution

Enterprises need complete solutions.  It's not enough to simply purchase technology—organizations need access to technical expertise to help them integrate and operate that technology.  As IT infrastructures continue to grow in size and complexity, executives can look to TEC Services as a trusted advisor who offers expertise and automation to increase the efficiency of staff and assets and meet the demands of growth.  TEC Services has the resources and experience to meet these demands.

Energy Efficiency

TEC Services' Energy Efficiency Services can help you analyze, formulate, and implement strategies and techniques to maximize the effectiveness of your equipment and systems and reduce their energy usage and demand. We can help you identify the best options for your data center facility and how to optimize your Information Technology systems. Our services will address your end-to-end needs from assessment and design to build and consolidate.

For more information on our services, email us at info@tecsinc.com or call us at (630)305-7486.